These pregnancy date smoothie recipes are perfect for breakfast or a snack. 1 table spoon of honey (best if raw) 2 table spoons of almond or cashew butter.

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Superfood smoothie recipe pregnancy. Want more info on the best superfoods for pregnancy? Let us know your favorite one or any other yummy recipes you enjoy made with vitamin b6 rich foods. Just be mindful that certain smoothies may contain a lot of sugar just from the fruit.

They’re all high in protein and healthy fats. 2 bananas (this makes your fertility smoothie very smooth and gives it a good taste) 1/3 cup of yogurt or kefier (if you like it) 1 table spoon of bee pollen. 5, rue notre dame de lorette, 75009, paris.* smoothie love, chloe & ann.

The vitamin c in the spinach and raspberries helps to fix iron in the body, whilst giving you. Best fruit for pregnancy smoothies: Which may help you come off those yucky iron tablets that contribute to pregnancy constipation.

Stay healthy and happy during your pregnancy with this pregnancy superfood smoothie! Green smoothies can sometimes have a reputation for being less than tasty, but. Make this smoothie a morning ritual during your pregnancy, for a yummy burst of nutrition first thing.

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1 piece beetroot, raw (about 60g) ½ glass apple juice; Green smoothies for pregnancy and postpartum are a delicious way to pack in the nutrients, stay hydrated, and keep things cool. If you don’t have almond milk or any other type of milk, i suppose you can use water or even coconut water…but you’ll definitely want to use bananas for a creamier smoothie.

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats which provide our bodies with longer lasting energy. Plus it’s creamy and super tasty. The spinach, raspberries and chia seeds provide a great hit of iron.

Berry delicious superfood pregnancy smoothie. Having a assortment of frozen fruit on hand will make it easy to make pregnancy smoothie on a regular basis. Raspberries, bananas, walnuts, and yogurt are loaded with fiber, vitamins, protein, omega fatty acids, and probiotics.

Make sure to download my superfood cheatsheet below. Try these yummy pregnancy smoothie recipes rich in vitamin b6.

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