Check out my nigerian jollof rice , ethiopian atakilt wat , moroccan shakshuka , and nigerian efo riro ! Allow to simmer and reduce for another 5 minutes.

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Boil for 15 minutes or until mushrooms begin to get translucent.

Efo riro recipe vegan. This recipe is featured in family meals in dubai. Efo means “green leafy vegetable” and riro means “to stir.”. This nigerian spinach stew isn't your traditional spinach stew because it's loaded with flavor and a popular yoruba dish.

Efo riro is derived from the yoruba language in nigeria. 2) soak the smoked fish in hot salty water for 2 minutes (this removes the dirt. Into a large pot, add the palm oil, leave to heat up on medium heat for 2 minutes.

1) boil the beef and assorted meat and set this aside. Add ground iru, ground crayfish and stock cube. Add the bouillon powder, crayfish, black pepper, cayenne pepper and salt, and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Kale (or borecole), one of the healthiest vegetables, and a nutritional powerhouse, is rich in the type of antioxidants thought to prevent various cancers. Make a big pot of this efo. The boiled meat, fish, turkey, chicken, or any other choice of protein.

I was most attracted to this. Hello and welcome to uncle lou's kitchen today we'll be introducing youto our wonderful hostess a. Now add the blended pepper and two knorr cubes, let that fry for.

Heat ½ cup of palm oil in a pot on medium heat, add in your onions and stir for about 2 minutes. Place a pan on medium heat and add palm oil, heat for about 5 minutes but don’t bleach. After 10 minutes, add the vegetables and salt to taste.

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Followed by iru woro, chopped onions and fry in the oil for. Then add onions, fry till fragrant. Nigerian spinach stew called vegetable soup, is also known as 'efo riro' is one of the most flavorful and delicious spinach recipes one should try out.

Blend the scotch bonnets and bell peppers and an onion coarsely and set aside…. Vegan efo riro (african spinach stew) 9 ingredients | 30 minutes | this african spinach stew is a nigerian delicacy and is packed full with flavors. Boil water, then add the sliced onions and mushrooms into a pot, add salt and bouillon.

Then add the locust beans, fry to release the flavour for another minute…. Add the diced onion and saute until soft and just translucent, about 3 minutes. Heat the palm or vegetable oil in a medium skillet over medium high heat.

African recipes delicious dishes from the african continent ranging from vegan nigerian recipes to easy vegetarian ethiopian recipes. Add in your blended tomato and pepper mix and stir for about a minute. How to make vegan efo riro and vegan native jollof rice!!!!

The ground seeds are added to soups as a thickening agent. Add the ata din din sauce and the crayfish and saute for another minute, until fragrant. Egusi soup or stew in particular is composed of leafy greens, palm oil, ground egusi and seasonings.

Here are the steps on how to cook efo riro: Efo riro soup as i know it. This nigerian spinach stew, also called vegetable soup and natively known as efo riro is guaranteed to be one of the most savory and delicious spinach recipes you will ever.

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Get all your ingredients together: To make a good efo riro (stewed spinach): Efo riro simply means “stirred leafy vegetable.”.

Nigerian spinach stew, commonly known as efo riro, is a delectable combination of spinach sauteed in palm oil and blended tomatoes and peppers and spiced with traditional ingredients like ground crayfish and iru (fermented locust beans). Mix thoroughly, cover and leave to boil for 10 minutes. The traditional recipe calls for meat to be added, but as this is a vegan version i have of course left this out.

Mix well and leave to simmer for 5 minutes and your delicious efo riro soup is.

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