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Bodrum to Turgut Reis Transfers

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If you wonder how to get to Turguteis from Bodrum Airport, you probably have just completed planning other steps of your Bodrum holiday: Have a nice vacation, in advance! Now, it is time to learn about the process which comes after checking off, taking your luggage and leaving the airport.

With its white, roofless houses, unique streets decorated by purple bougainvillea flowers, untouched bays and beaches and sceneries of deep blue Aegean Sea, Turgutreis district is worth visiting. Luckily, in this guide, you will learn how to visit there from International Milas Bodrum Airport. Since we’ll talk about several options, you can select the best for you, and take to the roads easily!

So, let’s start now!

Get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport by Havas

Havas is an economic shuttle transportation service located in the airport. These shuttles depart from Bodrum Airport and follow a certain route (the Airport – Güvercinlik – Torba road) until they get to Bodrum Bus Station.  To go to Turgutreis, actually, you should get off the shuttle in Bodrum Bus Station, in other words, at the last stop.

In there, you’ll see Turgutreis minibuses. Only by paying around 5 TL, you can get it one of them on and go to Turgutreis.

  • Cost: Havas cost is around 25 Turkish Liras.
  • Route: Bodrum Milas Airport, Guvercinlik, Torba road, Bus Terminal
  • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes (depending on traffic and weather conditions)
  • Things to keep in mind: Havas has only one time table assigned for all guests. Thus, make sure waiting at the right place at the right time. Also, in winter season, Havas shuttles might not be arranged due to weather conditions.

Get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport by Muttas

Muttas is public transportation service led by municipality of Mugla. To go to Turgutreis, you’ll get on a Muttas bus with other guests, and get it off in Bodrum Bus Station. Then again, you will take a Turgutreis minibus by paying 5 TL roughly, and go to there easily.

  • Cost: Around 23 Turkish Liras. Credit cards cannot be used.
  • Things to keep in mind: Muttas buses will depart from the Domestic Flights area.

Get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport by Renting a Car

“By renting a car” is popular answer of “how to get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport?” question. Even if it costs much more than previous options, it is quite practical and comfortable especially if you travel as a family or plan staying in Bodrum for a long time.

You can arrange a car appealing to your needs and desires through assigned corporates.

Things to keep in mind: Get information about the renting service you are willing to take. And make sure you’ve arranged it at least before  1-2 days of your flight or else you might not find an available car due to high demand, especially in the season.

Get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport by Taxi

Another popular transportation option is taxi, especially if you would like to go to Turgutreis fast and in comfort. Moreover, you don’t have to go to somewhere else first; the driver can take you to Turgutreis directly. Yet, of course, taking a taxi is more expensive than public transportation. And some taxis have credit card option while some do not.

You can see the taxi stations in the airport and get more information about the ride.

Here is a useful tip: If you have a group, the cost can be shared and get more affordable!

  • Cost: Around 100 Turkish Liras
  • The distance between the airport and Turgutreis is 54,5 km.

Enjoy Your Holiday in Bodrum Turgutreis

To sum up, you have many options to choose about going to Turgutreis, Bodrum. Since you know how to get to Turgutreis from Bodrum Airport now, you can choose among one of these transportation options above that suits your plans best, and have a good start! Enjoy your holiday!

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